Kids enjoy winter fun sledding on snow covered hill.

20 Ideas for Winter Fun with Kids

tobogganSnow on the forecast? I say, “Bring it on!” That’s exactly what you need for winter fun activities with kids.

Dropping temperatures and snow-laden landscapes offer new opportunities to create special family memories.

But in the weeks following the solstice, daylight hours are in short supply as is time for  outdoor play.  To counter the temptation to hibernate, I’m compiling a list of ideas for winter fun to get the most out of the short days of childhood.

  1. Ski New England during Ski and Snowboard month (and beyond.)
  2. Don’t ski? Check out snow tubing at ski resorts.
  3. Or try other ski resort attractions like mountain coasters or ziplining.
  4. Take the kids out of bounds at cross-country ski trails.
  5. Get off the ski trails altogether snowshoeing at NY parks.
  6. Glide away ice skating, indoors and out.
  7. Go fish!  Try your hand at ice fishing at the Annual Winter Festival and Ice Fishing Contest taking place at Grafton Lakes State Park on January 13, 2013.
  8. Roll a stone across ice at a curling club.
  9. Experiment with melting ice.
  10. Decorate outdoors with homemade edible bird seed ornaments.
  11. Kick up your heels at The Flurry and other regional fairs and festivals.
  12. Dabble in winter art.
  13. Color your world with snow painting.

    snow painting
    Add food coloring to Dollar Store spray bottles for an easy and inexpensive snow painting winter fun.
  14. Build a snowman.
  15. Engineer a snow fort.
  16. Burrow into a snow tunnel. (Warning – Don’t try this alone, or without adult supervision!)
  17. Pelt the neighborhood kids with snow balls.
  18. Tobogganing can be as close as your backyard, or kick it up at notch at top-rated sledding hills.
  19. Whip up a bowl of  Snow Ice Cream.
  20. Concoct Maple Syrup Snow Candy.

What’s on your Winter Fun Bucket List?

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