Seeing Snow for the First Time

When my sisters told me that they were coming to visit so that their children could see snow, I was so excited. Although we see each other from time to time on our travels, this was their first visit to the Capital Region in five years. And it was the first visit for the youngest children.

Visiting the Capital Region with Young Kids – Day One

I couldn’t wait to meet my youngest niece, and to introduce all four little ones to the snow. Planning for snow in early January is risky, but we were in luck. A nor’easter hit a couple of days before their arrival.

On the first day of the visit, we weren’t too ambitious. The two youngest children were exhausted from a redeye flight from California, and the six-year-old had been up all night with a stomach bug. Staying home, and letting the healthy kids play in the front yard seemed like plenty of entertainment.

Kaley and Shane were thrilled to see and touch snow. They reveled in it. Big Cousin Alex pulled out the sleds, and tried to get them onboard, but they had other plans.

Kaley wanted to build a snowman.


So, Alex showed her how to turn snowballs into a snowman.


With twig arms, carrot nose, and Cheeto eyes, this was a very loveable snowman. Perhaps too loveable as he didn’t last too long.


Soon, Kaley was off to “swim” in the snow and Shane discovered that he liked eating the snow more than he liked playing with it.



This was an easy start to a whirlwind visit. For the rest of the week, I discovered a new side of the Capital Region – what it’s like to explore Northeast New York with very young children. Stay tuned for the rest of this story in our newest series: Visiting the Capital Region with Young Kids.

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