Kicking Up the Travel Shots!

Do you want to know why I adore the SITs Girls? It’s not just because they are deeply committed to supporting bloggers every step of the way; it’s also because they have an uncanny ability to know just what I need, when I need it.

For months now, I have been carting around my camera’s user manual and a copy of the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography, with every intention of using them to improve my travel photo technique.

Well, it’s one thing to have good intentions, and another to follow through. Sometimes you need a peer group to get you moving forward, and that’s exactly what I have found in the SITs Girls community. It’s like the SITs Girls are psychic! Last week, they launched the SITS Action Photo Challenge – just the kick in the buttocks that I needed to get serious about travel photography.

Today, I’m posting a few travel shots captured at Big Bears Lodge in Mount Snow, VT. It was a tricky shot because I was trying to convey the impressive amount of snow stacked at the sliding glass doors, but the contrast between dimly lit room and bright sun filtered through snow made it difficult to capture the photo at all.

And even when I figured out how to adjust the lighting, the overall photo was uninteresting when viewed head on. Don’t you agree?


In this first SITS Photography Challenge, the authors tackle Composition and Perspective Photo Tips. I had already learned about the rule of thirds at the Philadelphia Bloggy Boot Camp, but in this post they offer several ideas for changing you perspective. One of them, shooting from the side, seemed to work in this setting. What do you think of these shots?



I like the last one best, what about you? Do you have any other suggestions for framing this shot? Or for other improvements?

To join the SITS Photography Challenge, click here. And if you would like to join me at the next SITs Girls Bloggy Boot Camp in Boston, I’m giving away a ticket here.

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