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Last summer, when I took my kids on a volunteer vacation in the Dominican Republic, I had a chance to travel into Haiti with my teenage daughter. We crossed over the Dajabón border to the open market where Haitians trade in goods donated from around the world for basic staples, fruits, vegetables, and livestock.

Family travel to Dajabon Market Haiti, teen poses in front of stream of Haitian carrying wares.

Our visit was brief, but it was one of those life-affirming and teachable moments that I know will long impact my child as it has her mother.

I think that’s one of the reasons that I was so moved when I saw the EVERYWHERE Travels to the Heart of Haiti video. Then again, when a video provokes both tears and a smile, you know that it contains something powerful. Travels to the Heart of Haiti carries a message that demands to be shared.

EVERYWHERE Travels to the Heart of Haiti


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Dajabón Market
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