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How To Make Snow Ice Cream

Now that our yard boasts real honest-to-god snow, it’s time for a classic – snow ice cream. Last year, with a bounty of fresh-fallen snow on hand, my son perfected the most deliciously simple recipe.

First batch of snow ice cream in bowls.

Snow Ice Cream, Take One

Alex was dying to make his own ice cream, but I had been stalling. It’s messy, and who wants to eat ice cream in the winter? Well, he did, and he wasn’t alone. Cold temperatures and even snow are not a deterrent to hardy ice cream lovers.

With eighteen inches of fresh snow, and more on the way, my son tested out a recipe for Snow Ice Cream that I found on the Albany Mommy blog:


* 8 cups Fresh Snow (liquid measure)
* 1 cup Sugar
* 1 cup Milk
* 2 tbsp Vanilla


* Put approximately 8 cups of fresh snow into a large mixing bowl.
* Add the ingredients – first 1-cup sugar, then 2 tablespoons vanilla and finally, 1-cup milk.
* With the help of a wooden spoon, mix all the ingredients well.
* Continue mixing till the ingredients are well combined and snow attains the texture of ice cream.
* Serve immediately, since snow cream does not hold well in freezer.

The results were disappointing. It was more liquid than expected, and the vanilla gave it an odd taste. I’m not sure if he put in too much vanilla, or if it was the wrong kind of vanilla, but it had an unpleasant, almost bitter, flavor.

Second batch of snow ice cream being shaken in a Ziploc bag.

Snow Ice Cream, Take Two

With so much snow on hand, Alex decided to try again the next day. I printed out a few alternative recipes that I thought looked promising.  This time, armed with a recipe from Paula Deen, he made snow ice cream with sweetened condensed milk.

Verdict? I really liked this snow ice cream recipe, but then I’m a big fan of sweetened condensed milk in any form. Perhaps due to the higher fat content, this time the ice cream held its shape, allowing us to scoop it into an ice cream sundae glass.

Snow Ice Cream in sundae glass.

In the end, neither of us finished a scoop. My son didn’t care for the flavor; he might do better with a chocolate-flavored recipe. As for me, the snow ice cream was a little rich for my usual breakfast fare. Later in the day, it would be sublime.

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