Catskill, NY Goes Gaga Over Cats


Funny pictures of cats are back with a seventh litter of freshly painted felines at the 2013 Cat-n-Around Catskill, a summer long celebration. 

You have cat people and you have dog people, but here in New York we have cat and dog towns. Or, at least we used to.

Back in the day, in the summer of 2008, two towns went head to head, competing for the best city strolls: Catskill had the cats, and Hudson had the dogs. Personally, I’m a dog person and I greatly enjoyed seeing those imaginative dog sculptures, but I haven’t seen them since.

Did the cat people win? That would be my guess given the dearth of dog sculptures in subsequent years, and the annual return of the Catskill cats–now for a seventh year. We caught up with them as the cat art was being placed around town in mid May, 2011.

In a workshop on Main Street, Saturday Night Feline was mounted on a base before heading out for installation. I didn’t get to see where this cat ended up, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find both these guys dancing in the street à la John Travolta.


Catskill Cats are Works of Art

Every one of these cats is an incredible work of art, transformed from their original blank white fiberglass “canvass” by talented local artists. But I’m most intrigued by the stories behind the cats art.


I’m told that this prizefighter cat is a nod to a longtime local club that trained champion boxers such as Mike Tyson. That’s all I’ve heard, please spill the details if you know more!

In any case, our kids didn’t need to know much about the cats art to find them plenty amusing as they were.

All they needed to know was that there were cool cars…


… a knight in shining armor tilting at windmills…


…and a good dose of silliness for all.


Go See It!

54 fabulous felines will be in residence Memorial Day Weekend through Sunday, September 17th along Main Street, the 9W and Rt. 23B in Leeds. To plan your visit, go to Cat-n-Around Catskill.

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