Positive Vibrations

What’s big, orange, and powered by the positive? It’s the Capital Region’s Community Mascot – the Smile Monster! The “Smile Monster is on a mission to make a positive difference in our community. A smile is FREE, HEALTHY, CONTAGIOUS, and ENHANCES OUR LIVES.” And now, Albany Kid is teaming up with the Smile Monster. Starting … Read more

Poem a Day for a Good Cause

Center for New Americans

Last November I got a little present every day from one of my favorite authors. Not a present wrapped in paper and bows, and not even something tangible. What I got was a poem, every day of the month, from the amazing and prolific Jane Yolen. But what I gave in return, what we both … Read more

Come See the Colors of Fall in Glens Falls

Amanda Currie works the spin art booth at Colors of the Fall

This upcoming weekend is by far the most exciting weekend of the entire year here in the North Country. Go anywhere around Glens Falls and you can see balloons in the sky, Thursday thru Sunday. But the best day to be in town is Saturday. Why? The Colors of the Fall. That’s the 13th Annual … Read more

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Remember the Staples Back to School Commercial? The one where parents waltz through the aisles, while the children trudge behind? Well, I’m not tossing school supplies into a cart with the same glee. I’m back home after a summer spent roaming the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. It’s been exciting, enlightening, and I didn’t have … Read more

How Popular Brands Market To Teens

TV and billboard ads do help to capture teenager’s attention. Big brands pay PR people a ton of money to get the public to choose their product. But Volcom and Monster aren’t popping up on the TV screen  nearly as frequently as Ronald McDonald is. So what is it that attracts teenagers to these brands? … Read more

A Call to Help Our Neighbors In Schoharie County

A call has gone out to help our Capital Region neighbors who have lost so much due to flooding stemming from the recent Hurricane Irene storms. I’m reposting these announcements that have circulated locally via email and Facebook: The Villages of Schoharie and Middleburgh in Schoharie County south of us have virtually been destroyed due … Read more