7 Super Shots: Powerful Travel Photos

Travel photos have power. They draw us to distant lands, connecting us with people and places far, far away. And our own travel photos carry the memories of transformative experiences.

So when Jessie Voigts of Wandering Educators invited me to take part in in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots – where each travel blogger shares their 7 favorite shots, and nominates 5 travel bloggers to participate – I jumped at the chance to dive into the archives to pull out some of my best shots.

A photo that…takes my breath away…

Wildflowers on a mountain trail in Nevada

When I imagined Western trail rides, I always conjured up visions of barren and dusty scrublands. Not the chromatic fields of wildflowers and crystal clear lakes that awaited my children and I on a day-long horseback expedition into the mountains of Nevada.

A photo that…makes me laugh or smile…

Little Aleinn - Nevada

You can drive through Nevada for many, many miles seeing little more than the occasional cow. That may explain Rachel, Nevada’s fascination with the supernatural. But the folks at the Little A’ Le’ Inn – oh, so near to Area 51 – take alien encounters very seriously.

A photo that…makes me dream…

Dale Chihuly - Kew Gardens

I dream of gardens. Lush, verdant gardens overflowing with gaudy displays of flowers. Dale Chihuly’s botanical art installations capture these dreams, embodying them in the most absurd and strangely mesmerizing orchestration of plant and glass. I first encountered Chihuly’s glass sculptures at London’s Kew Gardens, but now seem to find them everywhere.

A photo that…makes me think…

Warwick Castle

I had to visit Warwick Castle upon learning that Samuel Gorton, my 12th great-grandfather, traveled there from puritanical Boston to secure the right to establish Warwick, Rhode Island.

Now a popular tourist attraction, Warwick Castle wasn’t exactly what I expected. More theater and animatronics than historical landmark, it wasn’t easy to capture a photo that wasn’t full of gawking sightseers. But this photo helps me imagine this mighty fortress in its heyday, when my ancestor made that perilous journey.

A photo that…makes your mouth water

Lemon Sorbet in a Lemon - Pizzeria Rustica, Colorado Springs

On a hot, summer day there is nothing better than a lemon sorbet. Except a lemon sorbet scooped into a frozen lemon at Pizzeria Rustica in Colorado Springs, CO after a hike in the Garden of the Gods.

A photo that…tells a story


One of my favorite camping spots can only be reached by boat on Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks. A little island, all to ourselves, where I pretend that we’re the Swiss Family Robinson as we set up tents and campfire. But once camp is made, and chores are done, peace and serenity prevail.

A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

Norwegian Fjords

When friends sold me on the idea of a European cruise, it was to see the Norwegian fjords from the best vantage point possible. But what I didn’t realize on booking was that I would have to wake up at 4 a.m. to capture the magnificence of cruising into to the fjords at daybreak. As I’m not a morning person, it was quite the challenge to capture this shot, one of several hundred frames photographed that morning.

I love this one in particular for the interplay of smooth and rippled water, and the blush of pink dawn on the horizon.

Who’s Next?

I’m tagging the following 5 family travel bloggers to share their favorite shots:

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  3. Steve Pratt of More Kids Than Suitcases.
  4. Nicole Wiltrout of Arrows Sent Forth.
  5. Jen Bauer of Adventurous Moms.

And an extra one, just for luck;-)

6. Samantha of Have Sippy Will Travel.

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