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by Guest Post on May 16, 2013

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BAirplaneeing a mom can come with a myriad of challenges. From making sure the kids make it to school on time to getting them to bed at a reasonable hour, and all the chaos that happens in between. Even planning a family vacation can be an arduous task, filled with uncertainties and stress. Here’s where TravelNerd comes to the rescue, and can even make planning your next trip fun for the whole family.

TravelNerd isn’t used for booking flights; although, you can use the site to book ground transportation and airport parking, but is an information hub to make your time at the airport and destination hassle-free. By using the Airport navigation tool you can find out information about over 70 airports around the world with hundreds more are being added in the near future.

Use TravelNerd to Navigate Airports

For example, if you live in New York and are taking a flight out of JFK and going to Heathrow in London simply select those two airports and you’ll be taken to a detailed analysis of what to expect. Many airports also contain fun facts: did you know that the Beatles kicked off the British Invasion at JFK with their first American press conference in 1964? With fun little extras like this, learning about an airport and your trip can be something that your child or children can be engaged in as well.

After entering your destinations, the two tabs at the top allow you to go between the two airports. Here you’ll find a summary of the airport, and it’s history, and a small overview map. Of course dealing with kids in an airport can be a huge feat in itself, never mind all of the other things going on there. Using the terminal maps tab can ease the headache of an unplanned trip to the airport. Through terminal maps you can identity the airline you are taking, and then click on the terminal or concourse that it’s located in. From there you are presented with a detailed list of the restaurants, shopping and lounges available. Each restaurant has a drop down menu providing a quick snapshot of what to expect, and whether or not they’re child friendly.

Use TravelNerd to Investigate a Destination

But that’s just the beginning of your vacation, what about when you actually land? Many destinations also have detailed and comprehensive directions to get to specific areas of a city. You can also personalize your choices by selecting options that are the cheapest or the quickest.

If you’re just looking for some options, TravelNerd still has you covered. Their travel tips section has a variety of articles ranging from “The Top 5 International Flea Markets” to “How to Travel With Dietary Restrictions” as well as many articles on how to travel on a budget and great sights to see around the world.

travelnerd-appUse TravelNerd to Research Airline Fees

Furthermore, you can also calculate the fees that you might incur using different airlines, or if you’ve already chosen an airline, the fees they charge for specific things. Using the “Airline Fees” tool you can select six different options like: “I am checking in bags”, “I want to bring a pet along”, “I would like a seat assignment” and “I want Wi-Fi in-flight”. From there you can compare all the different airlines and choose one with the lowest fees that flies to where you want to go.

You may be saying to yourself: “all this information is great, but what about when I’m at the airport, the kids are screaming, my husband is hungry and all this information just goes out the window.” TravelNerd’s got you covered. If you have an iPhone just download the Airports app and all the information is right there for you. The app, as well as the site, can also point you in the direction of bathroom facilities for changing a baby’s diaper, or pet relief areas if you’re traveling with one.

The bottom line is: when you’re trying to plan a family vacation, it shouldn’t be stressful. Using information rich, fun and kid-friendly tools like TravelNerd can bring the excitement back into your next adventure.

Angie Picardo is a writer at TravelNerd and NerdWallet, where in addition to travel tips and tools you can find advice on college tuition planning

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