Ice Cream Dreaminess at Lick Hudson

by Gina Martin on September 4, 2012

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We tried to attend the inaugural Bacon Fest NY in Hudson this past Sunday, but arrived in the afternoon when all the vendors had run out of food! Crisis! Luckily, a Plan B was in place – we would sate our hunger with ice cream. Some of the richest, creamiest hand-scooped ice cream in really innovative, but not overly pretentious, flavors is sold up the way from the Hudson Waterfront Park at Lick on Warren Street.

Best Ice Cream in Hudson Valley at Lick.

Hudson Valley’s Best Ice Cream

Lick does not make their ice cream on site, it comes from Jane’s Homemade Ice Cream, based in Kingston NY. I first encountered Jane’s at the Catskill Mountain Foundation’s Mountain Cinema at the Doctorow Center for the Arts, where I tried the Killer Chocolate and fell in love. Jane’s is not currently sold in Albany or points north, so it’s worth a trip to Greene or Columbia county to check it out. It’s super-premium ice cream, and really lives up to the designation.

Lick is in a tiny storefront. The lines may look long, but they move quickly and efficiently so don’t let that scare you. There’s bench space outside if you want to hang out and socialize, or you can just take a stroll and do some window shopping along Warren Street while you enjoy your frozen treat.

Best Ice Cream Lick Hudson NY

True to the trend of the day, when we got to Lick, they were out of the Killer Chocolate – but no need for despair, as they freely offer generous samples so you can test out the other flavors. I went for the Green Tea & Ginger, and it did not disappoint. My husband, the chocoholic-est of all of us, made do with the Mixed Berry Smoothie instead of a chocolate milkshake. Happily, he was delighted with the super fresh fruity flavor, and did not miss having a chocolate fix. This is no mean feat! My son went for the Strawberry Frozen Yogurt, which was stunningly strawberry-ish. Nice chunks of fruit, not too big and icy, are mixed evenly throughout and there’s tons of super fresh strawberry taste in rich creamy base. My daughter went straight for a classic Vanilla Ice Cream scoop with rainbow sprinkles. I don’t know what type of vanilla flavoring is in the recipe, but it is sublime. Using “vanilla” as an adjective for boring just won’t cut it after tasting this variety.

Jane's Homemade Ice Cream at Lick in Hudson NY.

The picture above was taken after a few minutes of “testing”, the strawberry yogurt cone with sprinkles and the dish of vanilla started out much larger! We all found that a single scoop was a generous portion, and we’re pretty keen on big portions of ice cream – Lick delivers.

Check It Out!

253 Warren Street (south of 3rd Street)
Hudson NY

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