Dream Destinations: Dubai and Palm Island

by Cie McCullough Buschle on April 5, 2012

in Travel Ideas

I have been fascinated by Dubai and Palm Island ever since I first read about the Berj Hotel. Such a small place, just over one thousand square miles, with so much extravagance.  The main thing that Dubai produces? Tourism!

Here is more on Palm Island:

Come back tomorrow to find out which exotic location we’ll look at next!

| Cie McCullough Buschle lives with her dog Einstein and a cat named Burton Guster. She is a lifelong traveler and enjoys researching history through holidays, toys, and everyday objects. Cie is a sculptor and co-owns The Creative Chameleon, a place where kids and adults can create, paint, celebrate, and just have a lot of fun. Sometimes you can find her time traveling back to the Middle Ages as part of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

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