Goldstock’s Sporting Goods: A New York Institution

by Sandra Foyt on February 3, 2010

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goldstocks2 The right equipment can make or break any new sports venture.  That’s why anytime I decide to try a new outdoor activity, my first stop is at a sporting goods store.

In Upstate New York, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of stores catering to specific or general sports, from the incredible LL Bean to the small, corner shop catering to local Little League teams.  We even have “the  oldest ski shop in the country,” Goldstock’s Sporting Goods.

For years, my husband has made the bi-annual pilgrimage to Goldstock’s Sporting Goods store to rent the kids’ skis for the season.  ($99 for the entire season is definitely the most economical way to outfit young, growing skiers!) That’s why I’d never seen the inside of the store until last week when I decided to treat myself to a new pair of ice skates for my birthday.

Maybe that’s a good thing, at least for my budget, since there is so much temptation in the store.

In business for a hundred years, Goldstock’s has had a long time to get the sporting goods business right.  They stock a good selection of the best equipment for recreational and competitive sports enthusiasts, and they have knowledgeable sales personnel who will help you get properly fitted and geared up for the sport of your choice.

For the winter sports enthusiast, you’ll find an excellent selection of ice skates, snow shoes, Nordic skis, alpine skis, and snowboards.  You’ll also find a wide range of equipment for a variety of sports.  It’s also a great place to get sports outfits, and now, during the end of season sales you can stock up for next year.  (I finally picked up a ski jacket for my son that should work for at least two seasons.)

Many Capital District parents have already discovered Goldstock’s by word of mouth, or because their child’s coach sent them there.  I spoke to at least one Saratoga Springs coach who sends her students there because they do an excellent job of outfitting competitive figure skaters.

goldstocks When I visited the store, I noticed that for each sport, there seems to be a good range of decent equipment.  For example, they don’t stock the cheapest ice skates, but they do have budget skates that will serve beginning skaters well.  They also have better quality, mid-range priced, skates for the recreational or intermediate figure skater like the heat molded pair that I picked out for myself.  And, they have few skates at a much higher price point for the competitive figure skaters who need special features to make their jumps.

While I can’t say that it’s the biggest sporting goods store that I’ve ever seen, a West Coast REI still holds that title, what Goldstock’s Sporting Goods does, it does well.

Goldstock’s Sporting Goods

98 Freemans Bridge Road
Scotia, NY 12302
518- 382-2037

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Lissa February 5, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been looking for skates, myself. Olympia in CP only had 3 pairs – they all hurt!

sandrafoyt February 5, 2010 at 5:27 pm

I love my new heat molded figure skates, and for my son we scored a $25 discontinued Bauer hockey skates.

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