We Want Trader Joe’s In The Capital District

by Sandra Foyt on January 20, 2010

in Food Adventures

We want Trader Joe's for albany foods.

Things are getting critical in the Albany Kid household.  We’re down to the last few items in our stockpile of Trader Joe’s frozen foods, and I won’t have time to make the 2 hour drive to replenish supplies until next month.


I’ve been saying that for years, eleven years in fact, since we relocated from southern California.  In that time, I’ve seen the advent of Target and Lowe’s into the region.  I’ve even been gifted with a Starbucks right in my own neighborhood, and in the past month was thrilled to discover a Chipolte on my weekly chauffeur route.  Yay!

But, we still don’t have a Trader Joe’s anywhere in the Capital Region.  To do my Trader Joe’s shopping, I have to drive to Boston or NYC, not something I can do at the drop of a hat.

Why bother, you ask?

I’m a stay at home mom, but I don’t the time or inclination to cook.  Most evenings, I’m either driving the kids to one of their activities, or I’m running a meeting at home.  We have just enough time to zap a frozen meal in the microwave or to pick up a fast meal at a drive-thru, never the healthiest choice.

Well, I’m not a big fan of frozen food unless it’s the Trader Joe’s brand.  They have several items that I actually enjoy: the mushroom risotto, the gnocchi alla Sorrentina, and the various kinds of dumplings.  I like to buy these in bulk for quick and easy dinners that the entire family loves.

I also enjoy shopping at Trader Joe’s.  This may not seem like a big deal to you, but I don’t like to shop, and I especially don’t like to shop for food.  Usually, my husband is on grocery detail.

Shopping at Trader Joe’s, however, is not so much shopping as it is an experience.  The stores are clean, inviting, and they smell delicious.  There’s always something new and unusual to sample and savor.  It’s never boring or routine.

When will Albany Kids get a Trader Joe’s in the Capital District?

Today, I heard the first good news from the long campaign to bring Trader Joe’s to Albany, NY.  Facebook fans of WE WANT TRADER JOE’S IN THE CAPITAL DISTRICT received the following message from the group’s creator, Bruce Roter:

In the past few weeks, I have received several reports that something is stirring. But this one, received yesterday (from a very reliable source within our ranks) is the most solid evidence that our campaign is making progress:

Good morning Bruce,

I was at a TJ store in [ ] this weekend and spoke with [ ] who has been with them for years and in 3 different parts of the country. Of course he was familiar with our campaign and that is how his store came to be – persistence on the part of the customers. He gave me the following information:

1. Two of the real estate people for NYS have been scouting locations in Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton and Albany. He explained he had heard Rochester and Upstate have Wegmans as competition. I explained that Albany does not and will not have a Wegmans due to the agreement between them and Golub.

2. He mentioned that due to the changes in the economy they have abandoned opening in FL and are revisiting Upstate NY.

3. He also said the NYS liquor laws could be an issue but he thought it would not be a deal breaker.

4. The last thing he said was they move very fast once they make up their mind and he would not be surprised at all if we have one in place by late 2010! He emphasized that we need to keep up the campaign and not back down if we really want them. [ ] asked that I not use his name as they are not supposed to discuss future plans of the store (as we know!). He said he really felt that we will have one in 2010 but could not tell me in which location as he said it is still undetermined.

This is fantastic news! But we MUST heed this advice by keeping up the pressure! We will do a forceful mailing later this week, but what I need from all of you right now is your most compelling reason why Trader Joe’s should come here. Statistics, demographics, warm and fuzzy, whatever, just please send it to me!

Thank you all! Our campaign is working and we’re going to get this done!

You Can Help Bring Trader Joe’s to the Capital District

Do you have a compelling reason for desiring a Trader Joe’s in the Capital Region?  Join the WE WANT TRADER JOE’S IN THE CAPITAL DISTRICT Facebook Group, or send Bruce an email at broter2@verizon.net.

You can also post a comment below, and I’ll make sure that we add your voice to the campaign.  And, be sure to return in the next weeks as we report on the Trader Joe’s campaign.

More on the Trader Joe’s Campaign:

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Bruce Roter January 26, 2010 at 3:56 pm

Thanks Sandra! With everyone’s help, we’ll get a Trader Joe’s here!

Bruce Roter, President
We Want Trader Joe’s in the Capital District

Kathy J. November 17, 2010 at 5:55 am

Pleeeease!!!!! Saratoga would be a perfect spot ! Let’s make this happen!!!!!!!!!

Rick Ferrucci December 20, 2010 at 5:09 am

I live in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and am very fortunate to have three Trader Joe’s each within ten minutes drive from my house. Two years ago, my mother from Colonie (just along side Albany) was down to visit me. She lives in an assisted living home, and I brought her to Trader Joe’s. She loved the foods that I bought, because they were so diversified in tastes, and so convienient to prepare, and with great prices. Since then, whenever I visit, I bring up all kinds of things. She just wishes there was one nearby her, and has talked to so many of her friends who have shopped there and wish the same. I’ve written To Trader Joe’s several times to mention they would have a good fan base there. I hope it happens in 2011 or as soon as possible. Good Luck.

Donna October 5, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Trader Joes in Saratoga – why not. They have gambling there!!!! Love Traders. Have gone to ones in Washington state, Virginia and St. Louis. Go everytime I visit relatives there. Please get Trader’s in Saratoga, liquor and all. Love their wine…..

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