Canadian National Park: Grasslands, Saskatchewan

by Cie McCullough Buschle on April 29, 2012

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Very close to the Saskatchewan-Montana border, Grasslands National Park centers on the Frenchman River Valley in the west and the Killdeer Badlands of the Rock Creek area and the Wood Mountain Uplands in the east.

Grasslands is the only prairie national park, and contains the largest amount of dinosaur fossils in Canada. Rare and endangered animals live here, like colonies of the black-tailed prairie dog and the recently re-introduced black-footed ferret. Grasslands is the only place in Canada where you can see these native species in their natural habitat.

Grasslands is also a dark-sky preserve, and as such is kept free of artificial light pollution. This provides a more natural environment for all nocturnal wildlife in the park. There are no camping facilities in the park, but wilderness camping is allowed for a fee. Group tours and guided hikes are available, along with self-guided brochures.

Bison in Grasslands National Park, SK (West Block)

Bison in Grasslands National Park, SK (West Block)

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