Skimboard Sprint

by Sandra Foyt on March 12, 2012

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Skimboard Sprint

Do you remember when I boasted that I would be kicking up the travel shots on Albany Kid? Like many good intentions, that didn’t go far. But it’s a new day, a new year even, and this time I have signed on to be a forum lead on the latest SITS Girls’ blog challenge: Pin-tastic Pinterest.

As part of the challenge, Courtney from Click it Up a Notch will be teaching us how to take better photos by mastering rules and tricks of the trade. Today, she tackled the Rule of Thirds, which is why I scrolled through my library tonight to see if I had any photos that qualified.

Although I’ve heard of the rule of thirds – at Bloggy Boot Camp, no less – it turned out that I haven’t been using this trick nearly enough. I had to dig back into photos from last summer, when my daughter was skimboarding in San Luis de Obispo, CA to find a good example. But it’s a good one, I think.

Placing Kayla in the first third of the frame drives home her athleticism in a way that wouldn’t have been nearly as obvious if I had centered the photo.

Want to join me in the Pinterest Challenge, sign up now (it’s not too late!) see Pinterest Challenge: Learn What Is Pinterest & Why Use It.

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