How to Become a Video Game Tester in the Capital Region

video_game_testing_1st_playDid you know that you could sign up to be a video game tester? A couple of video game developers in the Capital Region actively recruit the “professionals” –  kids who like to play video games.

My son has been called up to serve a couple of times at 1st Playable, and each time he has learned a little more about the process of video game making. He has met with artists and engineers and learned as much from them, as they learned from him.

On this post, I have included links to two local game testing programs, as well as a few other resources for kids who are into playing or making video games. Am I missing any? Please share!

Game Testing Programs

Register your child to be a video game tester at any of these locations:

Game Events

  • Global Game Jam: The Global Game Jam is a networked worldwide event where new computer and board games are created by enthusiasts, gamers, artists, designers, developers and anyone else who wants to learn something—beginners, students, amateurs, and professionals. First, a surprise theme is announced (each time zone has different parameters). The participants then form themselves into ad hoc teams that each create a theme-related game, on-site in the next 48 hours. For more information, or to register go to Albany IGDA.
  • GameFest: Held in May at RPI, it’s a symposium and exhibition of student games (from Rensselaer and beyond.) For more details, see the RPI website.

Computer Clubs

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