Lifelong Learning As Life Brings Changes

by Gina Martin

We fell into a commitment to lifelong learning when we started out as a homeschooling family back in 2003. My husband and I decided that our oldest wasn’t really ready to deal with full day kindergarden, which was the only option in our district. We […]

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The Three Fights Every Parent Has With Their Kid and How to Stop Them

by Guest Post

By Vanessa Van Petten, creator of RadicalParenting.com and author of the parenting book, “Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?” When I was 16 I thought it was my Dad’s goal in life to make me miserable. I was convinced that he […]

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Mamma Got Swag: The Beauty Edition

by Kayla Foyt

Although my mom comes home from the BlogHer conferences with swag bags full of delicious and free snacks, that isn’t all that I steal from her. I’m a teenage girl, naturally I like to look and feel pretty. So, I raid the swag bags for […]

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Free Drawing Class For Teens

by Sandra Foyt

Enrollment is limited, but there is still room in the 5-week Drawing Class that starts this Sunday, March 7, at the Athens Cultural Center in Athens, NY.

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