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50+ Family Travel Blogs on Pinterest

In the travel and tourism industry, it is the family travel bloggers that are leading the way on Pinterest. Although destination photos are a popular item to pin on “Bucket Lists” and “Places I’ve Been” boards, travel bloggers have not yet embraced the possibilities – many citing that it only appeals to women – until […] Read more

Travel on Pinterest

My husband doesn’t get Pinterest. I showed him Albany Kid’s family travel boards, and even shared my roundup of Pinterest tutorials, but he still wants to know what it is and what’s in it for him. In simple terms that even my husband can understand, Pinterest lets you make pinboards online.  “Like message boards?” “You could […] Read more

Find Albany Kid Family Travel on Pinterest

Unless you have been living under a rock, by now you’ve heard of Pinterest. The hot, new social network on the block, Pinterest elicits passionate devotion from pin addicts, and vociferous complaints from the uninitiated, “Not another social network!” “It’s different this time,” I say, “you’ll love it because Pinterest lets you do something totally […] Read more