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Flat Stanley Adventures

Flat Stanley is an adventurous traveler. The hero of several children’s book, writing a Flat Stanley letter is an activity often done in first or second grade at elementary schools across America. Flat Stanley Letter I had a chance to become reacquainted with Flat Stanley recently, when I received a Flat Stanley letter from a […] Read more

Lifelong Learning As Life Brings Changes

We fell into a commitment to lifelong learning when we started out as a homeschooling family back in 2003. My husband and I decided that our oldest wasn’t really ready to deal with full day kindergarden, which was the only option in our district. We had a hard time picturing our active and inquisitive boy […] Read more

Why Continued Learning is Important for Families

With two kids who just turned ages 5 and 2, we parents are finally feeling like we can start to breathe again.  Gone are the sleepless nights and constant needs of an infant and mom and dad are now able to start thinking a bit, not too much, about ourselves again.  With that comes a […] Read more

September 11th Lesson Plans Offers Ways to Tackle Difficult Topic

September 11th is a difficult, yet imperative, topic for educators to teach and explore with their students. On this anniversary of 9/11, many teachers have students who either were not yet born or do not remember the terrorist attacks. It is hard to believe that high school seniors this year were only about 7 years […] Read more

A September 11 Memorial Story: The Survivor Tree

The National September 11 Memorial is not an easy place to visit. It is undoubtedly beautiful – well conceived with classic style; but even on a sunny summer’s day the waterfalls and reflecting pools mirror back more than the surrounding construction and newly planted trees. The Memorial has been designed so that two pools, an […] Read more