Viewing: Albany Institute of History and Art

How to Comport Yourself in Today’s World According to George Washington

How many adults remember their high school writing assignments? For that matter, how high school seniors remember the writing assignments from last year? Not many, that’s for sure. But then, not many high school assignments, writing or otherwise, go on to become little books of wisdom, still sold over 200 years later. Then of course, […] Read more

Get the Message! Explore Graphic Design with Kids

Even though I expected to be surprised, I discovered something truly unexpected. Ensconced in a Plexiglas cabinet was the Spiralizer, a rare and amusing oddity. One of a mere handful in existence, the object appears to have been plucked from a wizarding shop in Diagon Alley. Intentionally remarkable, it was meant to be played  with, […] Read more

Take the Kids to See Shoe Art in Albany

Ours is not a high brow family. My kids don’t usually volunteer to attend classical concerts or art exhibits, but with the right incentive they will attend willingly. Shoe art exhibits are usually sufficient draw as silly, fun, whimsical shoes easily capture their imagination. Given that, I have been wondering why we left the Albany […] Read more