Editorial Policy

As a general rule, we aim for the highest standards possible, even when these are murky at best. In 2009, the FTC issued Endorsement Guides imposing new regulations on blog disclosures which are, in my opinion, confusing and contradictory. Rather than outlining governmental rules, we have developed our own Code of Conduct.

Albany Kid’s Code of Conduct is based on trust. Readers can count on our honest opinions, and our editorial decisions reflect what is in the best interest of our audience.

Albany Kid is a business that accepts paid advertising and other forms of compensation. As is common in the travel industry, our writers often receive complimentary travel or reduced rates at hotels and attractions. We also accept travel gear, books, and other items for review. These are disclosed on posts where applicable.

While you can count on our honesty, Albany Kid strives to be a source of inspiration. We like to focus on the positive.  If we have nothing good to say, we would rather say nothing at all.

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