Outdoor Adventures with Kids Strengthen Families

I’ve been thinking a lot about why family vacations seem to bring us closer. Developing shared interests and just having time to spend together are big factors, but I think the main reason is that we bond over outdoor adventures with kids. Seven Reasons for Outdoor Adventures with Kids When I first read Extreme Kids: How to […] Read more

Battle of Gettysburg Changes Everything

For three blistering hot and bloody days in 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, the Civil War could have gone either way. Could General Meade hold the line, or would General Robert E. Lee prevail in bringing the war to the North? It was the Union Army’s dramatic repulsion of the Confederate’s Pickett’s […] Read more

15 Irresistible New York City Treats

The promise of a sweet reward can motivate even the most reluctant young sightseers; and luckily, there are many tempting New York City treats. I asked Larissa Horn, the Teen Concierge at the Omni Berkshire Place on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, to recommend the most popular New York City desserts. She gave me a number of great suggestions […] Read more

What’s in New York City for Teenagers? Ask a Teen Concierge

If you want to know what’s in New York City for teenagers, ask the Teen Concierge at Omni Bershire Place in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. I had a chance to interview Larissa Horn, the the Teen Concierge behind Omni Berkshire’s Teen Connect Program when she was gearing up for the busy summer months. Larissa is from […] Read more

Review: The Travel Mamas Guide

A week into our Lincoln Highway road trip, I was struck by two comments. One of our Philadelphia hosts complimented 13-year-old Alex on being such a good traveler; later, I heard my son telling a friend that he was having a good time traveling with his mom. Somehow, I had done something right, but it […] Read more

New York City Photos from the Circle Line

I’m not sure if they still do this, but Columbia College used to take the entire Freshman class on a Circle Line cruise of Manhattan during Orientation. Then, as now, the three-hour sightseeing cruise is the best way to get a full view of the New York City skyline, and to begin to get an […] Read more

Lincoln Highway Begins In New York City

There is no Lincoln Highway marker in New York City. Even in 1913, Times Square was more of a ceremonial origination point rather than the beginning of an actual roadway. And yet it made sense then, as it does now, to begin in New York City. This is where so many of the people who […] Read more

The Perfected Family Travel Packing List

It gets easier to come up with a packing list for a summer-long cross-country road trip when you’ve done it a few times. I have a pretty good idea of what I will actually use, and what will clutter up the car. The first time I took the kids on my own across the USA, […] Read more

Lincoln Highway – New York to San Francisco Or Bust

It has been decided. Starting June 24th, thirteen-year-old Alex and I are setting out on a road trip along the Lincoln Highway. “America’s First Highway,” which runs from New York City to San Francisco, is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2013. A century which saw a dramatic shift in the very idea of the American vacation […] Read more

Waterfalls on the Indian Ladder Trail

There’s one good thing about rainy days–waterfalls. New York has many waterfalls, including the spectacular ones found at Niagara Falls. But in New York’s Capital Region, we’re lucky to have the impressive waterfalls of the historic Indian Ladder Trail in Thatcher Park. What a scenic overlook! On a clear day you can see Vermont’s Green […] Read more

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