Wedding In The Bahamas: A Photo Essay

wedding-in-the-bahamas-flowersI’m not sure that I would ever have gone on vacation in the Bahamas if we hadn’t been invited to a wedding. The Bahamas Atlantis is the kind of pricey all inclusive resort that is usually not in our family vacation budget.

But when we received the invitation to this wedding, there was no question what we would do. We couldn’t miss the family reunion – and an Atlantis vacation was a dream come true for my kids.

Then, again, the wedding itself was a dream come true.

If there were a theme to the wedding, it might have been Vintage Tropical.

Diana Camera

The bride would have been glamorous anywhere, but with the Atlantis resort in the background, she was amazing.


The bridesmaids were beautiful too.


Even if one these lovely ladies couldn’t quite keep her her glass slippers on …


…when passing by steel drums.

steel pans

While at the reception, the tables were nearly as pretty as the bridesmaids.

wedding chairs


But the tables paled in comparison to the wedding cake.

tropical wedding cake and girl

Family Vacation at Atlantis Bahamas:

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