Victorian Christmas – Photo Tour of the Victorian Stroll inTroy, NY

We have Victorian England to thank for many of the traditions that make the Christmas celebrations a delight: caroling, sending holiday cards, and decorating Christmas trees. Even the transformation of Father Christmas into the generous Santa Claus we know today took place during Queen Victoria’s reign.

A Victorian Christmas may well be the pinnacle of all that’s right with this holiday tradition. Lest we forget, Troy, NY hosts a Victorian Stroll  in early December. This annual holiday event  brings the magic of the season to life and is one of the most enjoyable things to do with kids in the Capital Region.

Father Christmas listens to a child.

Father Christmas

It wouldn’t be a Victorian Christmas without Christmas carols.

Victorian Stroll - Troy, NY - Caroling

Street food offerings are glorious: wood fired oven pizza, tamales, cannoli. And that’s just what I sampled; there was more, much more. Sharing street food with family –priceless!

Victorian Stroll - sidewalk eats

And Newfoundland steeds – like Nana, the canine nanny, in Peter Pan – haul the small-fry.

newfoundland steed

Folks come from far and wide, some by car, others by motorbike..

Victorian Stroll - Troy, NY - Patriot Guard Riders

…fire truck…

Victorian Stroll - Troy, NY - fire truck

…and trolley.

Victorian Stroll - Troy, NY - Troy Trolley

I love that many parade-goers are dressed in authentic Victorian garb, although there were a couple of ladies who forgot that iPhones are not a Victorian accessory.

Victorian Stroll - Troy, NY- Victorian ladies with iPhone

A man in a red frock hands out balloons…

Victorian Stroll - red frock and balloons

…while women in fancy dress

Victorian Stroll - women in fancy dress

…men in uniform…

Victorian Stroll - men in uniform

…a mother and daughter…

Victorian Stroll - Mother and Daughter

…Miss Uncle Sam…

Victorian Stroll - Miss Uncle Sam

and even Uncle Sam, himself…

Victorian Stroll - Troy, NY - Uncle Sam

pose for the camera.

Spectators pause to watch a show..

Victorian Stroll - Troy, NY - Street Performance

… and the Morris Dancers

Victorian Stroll - Troy, NY- Morris Dancers

…while other prefer to pet the hard-working animals pulling carriages…

Victorian Stroll - Troy, NY - Horses

…and those on break between rides.

Victorian Stroll - Troy, NY - Newfoundlands on break

As sunset neared, we wave good-bye to Frosty the Snowman. But we vow to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts. We may even put up a Christmas tree this year – even though my family has developed a fondness for the Christmas Cactus.

Victorian Stroll - Troy, NY- Frosty the Snowman

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