Trick or Treating To Do Good

trick or treatingChildren look forward to that one day of the year when the candy coffers are opened wide and they can bring home enough sweet treats to keep dentists in business the rest of the year. Yes, we’re talking about trick or treating on Halloween.

I’m all for this tradition – I’ve done my fair share of “helping” my kids achieve maximum candy haulage in exchange for a very reasonable “Mommy Tax.” But having fun trick or treating on Halloween doesn’t mean that kids can’t do good too.

Trick or Treat and Do Good Too

Reverse Trick or Treating

When your teen heads out to trick or treat on Halloween, they can give instead of receive. Through the Global Exchange Reverse Trick-Or-Treating Campaign, they will hand out Fair Trade Certified chocolate samples and informational brochures that promote the purchase of Fair Trade products to help end child slavery in the cocoa fields and raise awareness of environmental and social injustices.

halloweenIt’s a fun and easy service project to do with a youth group. Sign up to participate in early October, and shortly before Halloween, you will receive enough chocolates and brochures so that each child can hand out a number of chocolate kits (easily assembled using provided glue dots to attach the bite-sized wrapped chocolates onto cards.)

Then, on Halloween night, kids can hand out the kits and talk about the program as they trick or treat as usual in their own neighborhoods.

Trick or Treat for UNICEF

For over sixty years, costumed trick or treating kids have been collecting coins for children in need, helping UNICEF provide nutrition, medicine, and education worldwide. To find out how to participate in trick or treating for UNICEF, follow these links to:

And consider letting kids take their collection efforts to a new level by hosting a Halloween party to benefit UNICEF when they plan a party with purpose. They can hold a party for friends or disadvantaged youths, and when they register their party on the UNICEF site, they will get access to cool invitations and party tips.

Trick or Treat to Cause an Uproar

National Geographic is encouraging trick-or-treaters to help save big cats by collecting change for National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative along with their candy and joining a global community of explorers, conservationists, and big cat lovers around the world.

  • To learn about National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative, go to Cause an Uproar.
  • There, you can download the “Trick-or-Treat for Big Cats” handbook to find everything you need to know to participate. It contains costume ideas, pumpkin carving tips, information about the campaign, how to trick-or-treat safely, how to send in contributions that have been collected, plus gifts for participating, as well as fun ways for kids to CAUSE AN UPROAR on Halloween night.

Trick or treating to do good will make children feel good; and that’s a longer lasting sweetness than that of any candy.

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