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Traveling to India Checklist

In the days before a major trip, I tend to be more absent minded than usual. Which might explain why I found myself at a bathroom sink, next to a burly man, in the men’s room at Newark  Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ. All summer long, I’ve been away from home on a road trip across the USA.  And on the weekend just before we were traveling to Delhi, India, I was at BlogHer 2012 – a crazy whirl of nonstop frenzied blog learning and networking.

So, as my departure drew closer, I still hadn’t taken care of basic travel planning. I had managed to replace stolen passports. Check. Back-to-back dental visits took care of  cavities and orthodonture.  Check. Our visas came through in time thanks to the expedited single day option. Check. The children’s annual health check up for school, and all of our immunizations for travel in India and Nepal, were covered in one one visit to their most excellent pediatrician and infectious disease specialist,  Dr. Ojukwu.

vaccinations for India


We were packed, and we even had ready a customized first aid kit with prescription medications that we might want on hand in an emergency.

And that was it. We had no itinerary, no reservations. I didn’t even know where we would go upon arrival at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Butterflies in my belly, completely unprepared, here I was about to travel to India with two kids and no support network.

It’s no wonder I ended up in the men’s room.

Traveling to India Checklist

  • Passport
  • Visas
  • Immunizations
  • Pack
  • Plan Itinerary
  • Exhale

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