Theme Trips Enrich Family Travel

It’s almost a cliche to say that travel broadens the mind. When you combine travel and educational experiences, the results can be nothing less than life-changing.

Enriching travel offers opportunities to learn, grow, explore, and change the world – together. Introductory activities can be a fun way to spend time together, sometime leading to ongoing shared interests that help families stay connected through the stresses of daily life.

Close to home, educational experiences can be found in Enrichment Classes, home projects, team challenges, and day trips. When planning a family vacation, experiential travel opportunities are nearly limitless.  We’ve gathered a few theme-based travel ideas to help you get started.

Culinary Travel:

Sometimes, sweet treats are the enticement that fuel happy family excursions, and sometimes they are the destination. Find a select few of our foodie adventures on Food and Travel, and the whole smorgasbord in the Food Adventures archives.

Outdoor Adventures:

The secret ingredient for our best family vacations is outdoor adventures, find out why in Outdoor Adventures Strengthen Families. Discover lots of great ideas for your own adventures in our collection of  Outdoors with Kids articles.

Storybook Travel:

Storybook Travel takes you on a journey into the setting of a book for a deeper appreciation of its: ideas, author, history, creative impulse, and so much more.

Arts & Humanities:



Interdisciplinary Studies:

Natural History: