Sunday River Zipline Is A Fun Family Adventure

sunday river ziplineA Sunday River Zipline tour was just what the doctor ordered!

My family doesn’t ski together much. Now that everyone is at a different level of skiing ability, it’s not much fun to stick together on the slopes.

The kids hate to wait for mom to catch up to them on a ski run. And I’m usually ready to turn in after a few runs, while my husband and daughter will go from first tracks to last lift.

But even the most diehard ski enthusiast has to take a break sometime.

By our fourth day of skiing at Sunday River, every one of us was complaining of screaming muscles. We needed a different sort of family adventure: one high on thrills, but low on skills – or in our case, low on muscles exerted.

sunday river zipline starfish

Although we’ve tackled a couple of Ziplines in the Northeast, this was our first winter tour. For the most part, the season doesn’t make too much of a difference. The Zipline Tour took our small group on a 3-hour tour through the woods between ski trails on a six-zipline course that had us flying on wires at speeds of up to 25 mph. The difference in winter is that the hiking portion of the tour is done on snow. Oh, and the winter wonderland views are spectacular!

sunday river zipline trust course

What I really liked about this tour was that our guides made each course a special event. On one, we were advised to make like starfish. On another, labeled the Revolution Tour, willing participants competed to make the most full turns. One of my favorites was the Trust Tour where you fall backwards into the course – this was one of the few times I got to catch my son’s face on camera.

sunday river zipline upside-down

And the last course, on Twin Tips, which can be done without the rest of the Zipline Tour was pretty neat. It’s billed as a chance to race your opponent, but our guides also showed us how to do this course upside-down. I didn’t even try, but my super strong ski racing teen made this maneuver look easy.

sunday river zipline upside-down2

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