Strawberry Shortcake On A Summer Evening In Schoharie

strawberry The promise of strawberry shortcake was the only lure needed to draw us to the Strawberry Festival in Schoharie, NY.

For every food there is a time.  At Halloween, there is the season of the candy corn.  Come Easter, and you have the season of the peep.  And now, I’ve found a (new to me) annual food tradition, the season of the Strawberry Shortcake.

Earlier in June, at the height of the strawberry-picking season, I discovered the delicious complement of super-sweet strawberries and biscuits at the Carrot Barn in Schoharie. That’s tasty as is, but the Schoharie shortcake recipe adds just one more ingredient for utter scrumptiousness – ice cream.  And, it’s still extremely simple to prepare: insert biscuit, heap on a couple of scoops of ice cream, and top with strawberries. Made with fresh, locally grown ingredients, this is a delightful summer treat.


Stepping Back In Time

The strawberry shortcake is sufficient reason to make this festival an annual ritual, but there was more.  As we crossed the covered bridge, heading to the Old Stone Fort where the festival was to take place, it was like stepping back in time.

We parked our car at a distance, and walked past well-preserved historic houses, before crossing over a covered bridge to get to the festival grounds.  At first, we thought the festival was taking place on the bridge, but it turned out that local Girl Scouts were holding a Bridging Ceremony. (Perfect location, right?)


Walking on, over the bridge and past the creepy cemetery, we finally spotted the Strawberry Festival next to the barn (which is part of the museum complex.)  Some folks were seated, listening to the Traditional Strings music. Many more were spread out on the lawn, talking and eating the strawberry shortcake.  In the distance, young children raced and played tag, presumably running off all the burst of sugar-fueled energy.


The Strawberry Festival was a relaxed, low-key affair that reminded me of the kind of festivities you might catch on an old episode of The Waltons.   Old-tyme country fun. 

I won’t lie and tell you that this appealed to all the kids.  They all devoured the strawberry shortcake, and our tagalong friend even went back for seconds.  The boys seemed to enjoy listening to the music, although my son was also eager to join the kids playing tag.

Teen Daughter, however, missed a lot of the festivities as she spent the entire time watching a movie on her iPhone and texting.  That was her loss.


Where To Go:

The museum is open May through October, during which time it hosts a variety of events including: re-enactments, demonstrations, lectures, and other celebrations.  See the 2010 Events and Activities for the full listing.

The Old Stone Fort Museum
145 Fort Rd
Schoharie, NY 12157


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