Spring Fling at Jiminy Peak

jiminy_peakI’m not sure how the entire ski season went by without my getting around to writing about Jiminy Peak. Maybe it’s too familiar.

It’s practically in our back yard; although located in Massachusetts, it’s closer than any comparable ski mountain. The drive is short enough that, with our season passes, we can afford to go there for a couple of hours or we can make a day of it. Lately, however, my family seems to have moved in.

Our children started out in the SkiWee program nearly a decade ago, returning each year to move up in the ski school ranks. Last year, our eldest joined the Jiminy Peak Race Team, and this year she was joined by her brother and dad.

For the past four months, they have spent every weekend, holiday, and break on the mountain. As if that wasn’t enough, if my daughter and husband had it their way, ski season would go on year round.

As we speak, they are planning next season, making sure to purchase season passes before the Jiminy Peak Early Bird Sale ends on June 15th.

Personally, I love to ski, but would prefer not to be tied down to one mountain. But, I have to admit that if you’re going to spend as much time as we have at one ski resort, this is a good one. Everyone is friendly, and there is a real sense of camaraderie among the ski team families.

The ski runs are extensive, offering something for every level of ability. And the resorts are pleasantly comfortable, not too loud like some that we’ve visited, with free WIFI so that it is possible to get work done while the kids train (although it can be difficult to resist chatting with the other parents instead.)

Best of all, we can see dramatic improvement in our kids’ skiing. They have gained skills and confidence that they will carry with them wherever they go.

As if that wasn’t plenty, where else would they have had the chance to ski in bikinis with their buddies?

Jiminy Peak Spring Fling Bikini Slalom 2011




For more photos from this event, go to Jiminy Peak Spring Fling Album at Albany Kid on Facebook.

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