Service Projects with Kids: From Ideas to Take Action Projects

regional-foodbank-northeastWhen I first volunteered to lead a troop of Brownie Girl Scouts, it was because I wanted to introduce young girls to new friends and a wider world of opportunity.  Little did I know at the time that this decision would change my world.

Even though my background was in Human Rights Advocacy, I learned more about taking action through Girl Scouts than I did in my graduate program.  Initiating leadership development programs for my troop gave me an opportunity to discover, connect, and take action in my community.  In fact, it was through a program that I developed for girls transitioning into middle school that I discovered an interest in social media, and my passion for blogging.

In youth groups like Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts children learn, grow, explore, and change the world. Here are some service project ideas and resources for inspiring today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.

Learn About Service Project Ideas

Before undertaking service projects with kids, it’s important to learn about the issues and specific needs of the community being served. It also helps to pick up skills – like baking and cake decorating – that are fun and possibly useful.

Learning About Cake Decorating – Discover what it takes to learn cake decorating skills, and find out where to get downloadable workshop materials.

Learning About Hunger – Find out about a Cub Scout Den visit to the Regional Food Pantry, with resource links.

Hunger 101: It’s The Season To Be Merry and Hungry! – Read about our Service Unit’s discovery program on hunger and poverty.

Learning About Media Literacy – Girls learn about media literacy, self-esteem, and healthy relationships in this workshop taught by Planned Parenthood volunteers.

Learning About Disabilities – Girl Scout Service Unit Patch Program about understanding the barriers that the disabled face day-to-day.

Learning About Native Americans – A Cub Scout Wolf Den Meeting Program and resources to learn about Native American cultures.

Service Projects To Support Our Soldiers – Cub Scout Program at NY’s Army National Guard, and additional resource links.

Be a Pal – Protect A Life – Girl Scout Service Unit Patch Program on Food Allergy Awareness.

Sail Aboard the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater – Learn about the Challenges For The Future Education Sail aboard the Clearwater Sloop, and discover resources that inspire youth to preserve our natural resources.

Girl Power: Learning About The Women’s Rights Movement – Daytrip ideas and resource links to learn about the history of the women’s rights movement and the girl effect now.

Peak A Child’s Interest In Recycling – Find out about the PEAK Program, Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids, and check out the lesson plans on recycling.

Grow with Girl Scouts

There are any number of youth groups that do good, but we just happened to take the Girl Scout route. Even if you’re not planning to join the Girl Scouts, there is much to learn from their leadership training programs.

Junior Girl Scouts Mix It Up! – Connecting Girl Scouts who are transitioning from elementary to middle school with mixer programs including Each Girl Can Change The World and a Garbage Bag Fashion Show.

As Girl Scout Enter Middle School Maze, Goal Is Empathy, Leadership, and Peace

The New Girl Scout Leadership Experience

Inspiring Girl Scout Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Make It a Hit with Girl Scout Cookies

Teen Girl Scouts: Our Virtual Pathway

Kids Can Change The World

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? It took a lot of learning and a good deal of planning, but here are a few awesome kids’ service projects:

Girl Scouts Rock! – As Girl Scouts transforms into the premier leadership training organization for young women, girls are finding new ways to change their world. View the CBS coverage.

Girl Scout Mission Possible

Mission Possible: Girl Scouts Lead Change – Council-wide service project initiative and our progression to a totally girl-led event.

Girl Scouts’ World’s Biggest Pajama Party – Girl-led service project collected pajamas and books for kids in need.

Did You Hug A Tree Today? – Article about our National Public Lands Day Celebration at Glimmerglass State Park.

Go Green Kids: Discover, Connect, Take Action – This is how our troop developed leadership while encouraging conservation.

Girl Scouts Helping Kids With Cancer – Workshop on learning how to be a good friend to someone who has cancer, and take action projects to cheer hospitalized children.

Service Is The Heart of Citizenship – Cub Scouts learn about citizenship as they do good deeds like volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Trick or Treating To Do Good – Do Good service projects that kids can do while trick or treating.

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