Self-Portraits, An Inauspicious Beginning

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Taking self-portraits turned out to be a bust, in more ways than one.

Heading into the weekend, Day 5 of the SITS Girls’ Pin-tastic Pinterest Challenge required us to capture the one person that rarely makes it into the frame – the photographer. Not only would we have to forget about any self-image issues (of which I have many,) but we had to figure out how to use a tripod and the timer feature on the camera.

I’ve had the same tripod since high school, so you would think that I might have learned how to use it by now. But you would be wrong.

Not only did I shoot a bunch of blurry photos, there were quite a few that looked something like this:

smile for the camera

I think, actually, that this was the best of the lot.

Right after this shot, I had the bright idea to set up the tripod on our lawn – our sloping lawn. Next thing I knew, the tripod tipped over, landing right on the edge of the camera lens. My indestructible Nikon camera survived, but the lens was a casualty of the challenge.

And see that smile? It fared no better. An hour later, for no apparent reason, the veneer on my front tooth broke off in sympathy. So now, I’m down a lens and a smile.

It’s going to be a while before I’m up for taking more self-portraits.

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