Sapelo Island and Darien – Scenic Route to Florida, Day 3

sapelo2 Like many Capital Region residents, our family makes an annual pilgrimage to Florida. Sometimes we fly in, but more often we drive to avoid the expense of multiple airline tickets and car rental. Even without the cost savings, I prefer to drive from Albany to Florida just to see what we can see along the way.

Day 3: Sapelo Island, Georgia

On our third day of driving to Florida, I was eager to get there already.  In the past, I’ve always done this as a two day road trip, so I had stretched this long enough.  Instead of planning a detour, I let our fuel needs and my bladder determine our pit stops.

A short distance after bypassing Savannah, GA (a mighty fine place to visit!), I spied a sign for the Sapelo Island Visitor just as I started thinking that I would need soon need a restroom. In my experience, Visitor Centers are usually a great place to find a restroom, with the added benefit of providing a little education and room to move. This Visitor Center was no exception, but it is closed on Sundays.

Fortunately, the nearby ferry dock provided a bathroom, and I was able to ask the waiting patrons for restaurant suggestions.The pointed me to Darien, “Georgia’s Shrimping Capital”, located just a few miles south on Rt. 17 (parallel to I95.)


The former fort town is a picturesque setting, teeming with historic sites.  Driving by, we noticed Fort King George Historic Site, a rice plantation, and the docked shrimping fleet. But, we didn’t pause to sightsee, choosing to grab a quick and early dinner so that we could continue on to Florida.

Most businesses were closed on this Sunday afternoon, but we discovered Skipper’s Fish Camp hopping with early bird dinner patrons. This casual, family-friendly restaurant is worth remembering for future trips, when we can follow a leisurely meal with a walk in the park next to the dock. Best of all, the town center is easily accessed within minutes from the I95 highway.


At dinner, we were short on time and short on epicurean courage. My son ordered the fried shrimp meal and I got a blackened fish with cheese grits.  Nome of us were game to try the gator tail, “the other white meat.”  Maybe next time.

That was our last stop on the scenic route to Florida. Three and a half hours later, we arrived at my sister’s home in Orlando.

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