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Travel Mamas GuideA week into our Lincoln Highway road trip, I was struck by two comments. One of our Philadelphia hosts complimented 13-year-old Alex on being such a good traveler; later, I heard my son telling a friend that he was having a good time traveling with his mom. Somehow, I had done something right, but it hadn’t come easily or naturally.  That’s one of the things I love about The Travel Mamas’ Guide by Colleen Lanin–she doesn’t sugarcoat what it’s like to vacation with kids.

Right from the introduction she warns parents that travelling with children may be marked by “interrupted sleep, noisy meals, and constant potty breaks” but it may also be your chance to be a part of your child’s “pure joy in the journey.”

While Lanin offers a realistic take on family travel, she also  provides a slew of tips and expert advice to minimize the hassles and maximize the fun. For example, she suggests using snacks as a travel diversion; starting with healthy snacks and reserving “forbidden snacks” such as M&M Minis for motivational purposes.

Colleen Lanin eating a churro.

Colleen Lanin enjoys theme parks and churros.

Road Trip Music

One of my favorite sections of the guide focuses on tips for road trips with kids. Lanin covers road trip eats, car games, and the soundtrack for the road. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of reading with kids on road trips through shared audiobooks, but Lanin recruits several family travel experts to come up with even more ideas:

  • Rainer Jenss of National Geographic Intelligent Travel recommends the children’s CD No! by They Might Be Giants as fun for both kids and adults.
  • Keryn Means of WalkingOn Travel likes that Muppets music brings back fun memories when she shares it with her son.
  • Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the film Curious George is a hit with Travel Mamas‘ Colleen Lanin’s entire family.
  • Have Baby Will Travel‘s Corinne McDermott relies on kid-friendly adult music from Bob Marley,  the Beatles, and ABBA.

Which reminds me of one our best-loved audio CDs for the road trips: Jerry Garcia and David Grisam’s Not for Kids Only! Wouldn’t mind listening to that again (although now that I’m traveling with teens, I’m lucky if I get to choose any of the soundtrack!)

Family Travel Tips

Lanin offers guidance on the whole gamut of family travel, including many chapters I wish I had read when my kids were little. A few noteworthy topics include: surviving a vist to family and friends; diapering and potty training issues; childcare options and making room for romance; and post-trip expectations and advice. Even though I’ve been traveling with my children for seventeen years, I still picked up a few helpful tips.

I highly recommend The Travel Mamas’ Guide to new parents nervous about their first family vacation, and even experienced travelers searching for ways to make traveling with children less stressful.

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    Thank you for sharing your review of the guide, Sandra! It’s so fun to see your take on the book.