Olympus Pen: Pro Photos from a Tiny Camera

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Have you ever sacrificed a once-in-a-lifetime photo opp because you didn’t want to carry a bulky camera? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could take pro photos from a tiny camera? Now you can.

Anybody can capture stunning photos with the Olympus Pen – and The Pen Ready Project proves it!

To show how easy it is for everyday people to take amazing pictures, Olympus gave over 1,000 people a new Olympus PEN® E-PM1.

See what happens when ordinary people walking the streets of Manhattan are stopped and offered a camera – don’t I wish I’d been in New York City on this day!

The PEN Ready Project was quite the gamble. Olympus gave away more than 1,000 cameras, to over 1,000 people in 6 cities – and the results are extraordinary.

I have often wished for a point and shoot camera that can achieve the same results that I get with my DSLR.

When my kids were little, before the advent of the cellphone camera, there were so many things I had to carry – diapers, snacks, changes of clothes – that the camera usually was left at home.

When I look back on those years, there are huge gaps in our photo albums because I didn’t have a camera at the ready. Even now, when I’m able to easily capture the moment with my ever present iPhone, I’m often disappointed by the photographic results.

Now, looking at the shot above by Bryce B. or the one below by Carson Lee, I think that my wish for an easy to pack camera that can capture pro quality shots has come true. To see more photos and 1080 HD movies shot by the mighty little Olympus Pen, go to http://penready.com.

olympus pen ready project - skateboard

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Olympus.

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