Family Fun in New York City’s East Village: Toy Tokyo

If you have a Japanophile in your family, then you may have already heard about Toy Tokyo. Located in New York City’s East Village on First Avenue between 5th and 6th streets, Toy Tokyo is a bonanza of everything from Japanese anime, American and Japanese sci-fi collectibles, and all manner of related tchotchkes.

Toy Tokyo NYC

Looking for Domo or Totoro swag?

Part of the Domo and Totoro section at Toy Tokyo NYC

Maybe robots are your thing?

Robots at Toy Tokyo NYC

Or perhaps you are a Godzilla fan, in which case, you’re in the right shop.

Lotsa Godzilla at Toy Tokyo NYC

Prices range from regular-toy to oh-I-don’t-think so for highly collectible specimens.

Toy Tokyo Collectible Giant Godzilla

There are dozens and dozens of the scourge of Tokyo still encased in original plastic packaging.

Godzilla wants out!  Toy Tokyo NYC

This makes me sad for Godzilla, he needs to be able to breathe!

Godzilla wants to breathe

For the adventurous collector, there are tons and tons of every kind of mystery box toys. The deal is you buy a box but don’t know which of the items in the theme you’ll actually get – surprise!

Mystery boxes of all variety at Toy Tokyo NYC

Themes like Hello Kitty, along with more obscure items, abound and pretty much everyone will find something to love. Most are under $5, which makes it easy to give in to the temptation to get more than one, since they’re so portable!

Hello Kity surprise toys

If your style is more vintage sci-fi, you’re in luck too – there is a wide range of classic sci-fi and geeky collectibles. My favorite was this Twilight Zone action figure from the classic episode “The Eye of the Beholder”.

Twilight Zone Action Figure

Can’t make the trip to NYC fast enough? Check out Toy Tokyo online too.

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