How to Spot a Tourist in New York City

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No matter what anyone tells you, it’s not cool to walk the mean streets of New York City with a camera around your neck.

Knowing that, I’ve tried for subtlety. Camera discreetly tucked into a stylish handbag, replacing the DSLR with tiny point-and-shoots, or my personal favorite – camouflaging my intentions by dressing like a professional photographer. You know the kind. Wearing all black: from nondescript T-shirt to rundown sneakers; matching vest sporting dozens of bulging pockets in various sizes; multiple DSLRs, including at least one with a telephoto lens that could spot an antelope…on the moon.

And then I became a travel photographer, confident in my abilities, eager to get the shot no matter what the cost to my personal esteem. Behold the professional travel photographer in her natural habitat.

Professional Tourist in New York City
Professional Tourist in New York City

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