How Popular Brands Market To Teens

sports-marketing-2TV and billboard ads do help to capture teenager’s attention. Big brands pay PR people a ton of money to get the public to choose their product.

But Volcom and Monster aren’t popping up on the TV screen  nearly as frequently as Ronald McDonald is. So what is it that attracts teenagers to these brands? Is it simply that all their friends buy it? Is it the skimpily clad Hollister models or the sleek blackness of a Kotex box that matches the color scheme of an energy drink or a boys bedroom?

I’m sure all of this contributes to the popularity of a product among teens, but there is another marketing ploy which I find the most effective.

It’s the sporting events. You will see the Hurley insignia all over the place at a surfing competition. And if you think the competition was cool, you will think the brand that everyone at the competition is wearing and that is sponsoring the event is cool too.


I had never even sipped a can of Mountain Dew until I raced in the Mountain Dew Vertical challenge. Every year my ski mountain, Jiminy Peak, holds a preliminary open ski race which is hosted by Mountain Dew and is open to anybody from ski racers to first time skiers. They hold this event at many mountains, and then there is a Mountain Dew Final where the best of the best racers from all of the preliminary races compete.

This past year the Mountain Dew Finals were held at Mount Snow, where I won for the woman’s division in my age group. At the races they give out tons of Mountain Dew and other snacks like Amp Energy drinks and Muscle Milk. PS Muscle Milk tastes absolutely disgusting.

My friends and I drank so much Mountain Dew that we already had tummy aches by the time we were waiting in line at the top of the race course. Despite the sick feeling 4 cans will make you feel when mixed with skiing, this event really opened my eyes to Mountain Dew.

Now whenever I go to a vending machine, Mountain Dew is my first choice. It’s not that this soda tastes so much better than any other soda. It’s just that whenever I drink it I think back to the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge. It’s like I’m drinking a can of nostalgia. And on top of that, something about the whole event just makes Mountain Dew feel so much cooler.

Like the Mountain Dew, skiing turned me on to Nature Valley granola bars. Nature Valley sponsors the US ski team, so whenever I take a bite I imagine Bode Miller and Julia Mancusco taking a bite of the same bar. You can’t miss the US ski team insignia on every nature valley wrapper.

So next time you think about buying a pair of Head skis, think for a moment. Would you be buying this if Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller didn’t make it cool? Was this ski brand even popular before Lindsey and Bode? Maybe you still want the Head skis because they feel best to you, but make sure it’s your decision and not the marketing experts.

Disclosure – No compensation or free products were provided for this article. However freebies are more than welcome 🙂

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