Hannah’s Hot Cocoa and a Remarkable Girl

To mark the centenary of International Women’s Day, I would like to tell you about a remarkable girl that I met this past weekend at the Hannaford Kidz Expo in Albany, NY.


This poised young lady, a 5th Grader at Pine Bush Elementary School, stood behind a display of hot cocoa mix that she was handing out in exchange for donations to help a friend recently diagnosed with Leukemia.

Inspired by Alex’s Lemonade Stand, the foundation that emerged from the efforts of cancer patient Alexandra Scott to raise money to help find a cure for all children with cancer, Hannah’s friend is hoping to help her friend’s family make ends meet by raising money to cover expenses not covered by medical insurance.

I was impressed not just by her selfless act or dedication, but by the creative marketing skills that she displayed at the booth. First, it was a brilliant move to offer the seasonally appropriate item, flavored hot cocoa mixes, instead of lemonade. Second, check out the genius behind the display. Everything ties in visually to the hand-decorated purple donation box, from the Perfect Purple Hannah’s Hot Cocoa blend to the purple shawl. And, perhaps the smartest move, she didn’t set a price for the hot cocoa, leaving it at suggested donations. I bet she collected a LOT more for her friend that way than if she had limited it to a specific dollar amount.

Look for Hannah’s Hot Cocoa at upcoming area events.

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