Easy Tips for Mouse Proofing the Car

Mice jumping from the car? I thought the mechanic was putting me on, but this was no joke. The first time he found mice in our car, it was on a routine check up. The next time, we were wondering why the car reeked of dog food, until we discovered that mice were stashing their winter hoard in the air ducts.

The last time the mice hunkered down in my Chevy Suburban, the bill for repairing gnawed electrical wires ran into the thousands. It was a costly wake up call to find a deterrent.

Knock on wood, this solution has kept our cars mice free for two years:

  1. Move the dog food and bird seed out of the garage and into sealed plastic bins inside the house.
  2. Set mouse traps in the garage.
  3. Place bounce dryer sheets under the hood of the cars, and replace every month or so. Moth balls can be used if you don’t mind having to drive around with that scent.



If this doesn’t work, you might have to go for the ultimate mouse proofing weapon. Just don’t get Garfield.

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