Cochlear’s Hearing Heroes In Albany

The other day, my husband received a letter from a patient that was so very special, that he had to share an excerpt:


I must confess. This letter made me smile, and I wasn’t the only one whose heart it warmed.

That’s what it’s all about, after all, the reason he went into medicine, and the reason he chose to subspecialize within ENT. To make a difference. To help people hear.

Cochlear Implants – Hearing Health Seminar Comes to Albany

It’s cutting it close, but you’re not to late to plan to attend a Hearing Health Seminar in Albany where you can meet local heroes who make hearing possible for this young person, and others like him, every day.

The touring Hearing Health Seminar will take place on Saturday, October 8th, from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Albany Marriot. Local audiologists will lead off with a discussion of “When Hearing Aids Are No Longer,” followed by an education session on “Hearing and Living with Cochlear Implants.”

This will be followed by “Getting a Cochlear Implant” and a physician question and answer panel that will include two of the best cochlear implant surgeons in the country, David Foyt, M.D., and Jason Mouzakes, M.D.

And you will also get to hear from local Queensbury resident, Kassey Granger, who will share her personal journey with cochlear implants.

Kassey comes from a family with progressive hearing loss, including her grandmother and mother. Granger’s hearing loss was discovered in first grade, but she didn’t begin wearing hearing aids until her 20s, after her second child was born. She eventually stopped working in a secretarial position because she was unable to converse on the phone and began doing data entry from home.

In 2010, after researching cochlear implants, Kassey decided to move forward with surgery. After Granger’s implant was activated, she heard noise but could not understand speech. Her mother encouraged and helped her train the new ear. Granger made astounding progress within weeks – even her audiologist was amazed by her rapid improvement. One month later she returned to work and was able to answer the phone within two months.

Granger is now happily employed at the Association for the Hearing Impaired, an organization that was started by her mother.

If you can’t make it to the Cochlear Implant Hearing Health Seminar

Not in Albany? No worries. A series of Hearing Health Seminars have been scheduled around the nation. Or, schedule a visit with local physicians who will happily answer all your questions.

And here is Amelia, born profoundly deaf, at the activation of her cochlear implants when she was eighteen months old.

Amelia’s Cochlear Journey

Cochlear Implant Surgeons in Northeast NY

David Foyt, M.D.

1220 New Scotland Rd # 103

Slingerlands, NY 12159-9386

(518) 439-4326



Jason Mouzakes, MD

35 Hackett Boulevard

Albany, NY 12208-3420

(518) 262-5575



Find It!

Albany Marriott

189 Wolf Road

Albany, New York 12205


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