Cleaning Up for a Girls Night In with Bridesmaids

It may come as no surprise to my friends, but I jumped into a project without thinking it through first.

When a publicist contacted me in early August to ask if I would be interested in hosting a Bridesmaids Girls Night Event to celebrate the release of the Bridesmaids DVD on September 20th, I responded, “Sure, that sounds like a great idea. That will be a fun thing to do when we return from our summer travels, and an excellent excuse for my daughter to reunite with her friends.”

But I didn’t know anything about the movie, and I didn’t consider how little time there would be for us to get our home ready to host guests.

When I arrived home, it was cleaner than it had ever been in my absence. My husband had hired someone to come in and scrub the entire house, hoping to erase the effects of three months without any cleaning at all. The cleaning lady did an admirable job, but it’s hard to mitigate the effects of a summer’s worth of wet and muddy dog.

The house had a musty, moldy smell that seemed to emanate from the laundry room.

p&g-cleaning-products (1 of 1)

Luckily, the BlogHer swag just keeps coming, and a box had just arrived from Procter and Gamble with an assortment of cleaning products, including two items guaranteed to stomp out all odors: Downy UNSTOPABLES™ In Wash Scent Booster and Febreze.

But it didn’t have to come to that. What I didn’t realize was that it is possible to eliminate odors at the source by using a washing machine cleaner. The tiniest item in the box, Tide’s single use Washing Machine Cleaner, did the trick.

And it didn’t hurt that we sent Yoohoo out for a spa treatment at Hair of the Dog. He came home shiny and sweet smelling. Now if we can only get him to stay that way until the party!

yoohoo-groomed (1 of 1)

Did you see Bridesmaids already? Got any suggestions for our Girls Night In Party? We’re thinking of staging our own Cupcake Wars, but we’re open to suggestions. Really!

Disclosure: I received a free box of Procter & Gamble products, and I will receive the Bridesmaid DVD as well as a party pack with a gift card to cover some party expenses – certainly not enough to feed a pack of hungry teens. Opinions and reportage is entirely my own.

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