Adventure Travel Is a Force for Good

Today, ECPAT-USA and the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) announced that the ATTA became the first United States-based association to sign the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct, an internationally accepted industry-driven corporate responsibility initiative to protect children from trafficking and sexual exploitation in travel and tourism. “We recognize there are dark sides to tourism,” said … Read more

Service Project Ideas

Posing after serving up a Spaghetti Dinner at Ronald McDonald House in Albany.

Earlier, I wrote about how we developed service projects with kids from service project ideas to community-wide take action projects. The article lists what we did to learn about various issues and includes leadership resources that helped us undertake service projects. But the important take away is that service projects should be community-driven; that is, it’s important to learn about the issues but also to investigate the actual needs of the community.

Longtime Girl Scout leader and volunteer, Bonnie Kerr, recently compiled a list of service project ideas for older girls in Northeast New York that I’ve shamelessly pilfered (with permission.) As you read the list, think about how you could adapt it to your region, and to your community’s needs. And of course, there’s no reason why boys couldn’t do good too!

Service Project Ideas

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Service Projects with Kids: From Ideas to Take Action Projects

regional-foodbank-northeastWhen I first volunteered to lead a troop of Brownie Girl Scouts, it was because I wanted to introduce young girls to new friends and a wider world of opportunity.  Little did I know at the time that this decision would change my world.

Even though my background was in Human Rights Advocacy, I learned more about taking action through Girl Scouts than I did in my graduate program.  Initiating leadership development programs for my troop gave me an opportunity to discover, connect, and take action in my community.  In fact, it was through a program that I developed for girls transitioning into middle school that I discovered an interest in social media, and my passion for blogging.

In youth groups like Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts children learn, grow, explore, and change the world. Here are some service project ideas and resources for inspiring today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.

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Trick or Treating To Do Good

Children look forward to that one day of the year when the candy coffers are opened wide and they can bring home enough sweet treats to keep dentists in business the rest of the year. Yes, we’re talking about trick or treating on Halloween. I’m all for this tradition – I’ve done my fair share … Read more