The Albany Curling Club

The Albany Curling Club is opening its doors to introduce kids as young as 6 to 80 to the ancient sport of curling. In Albany, curling dates back to the year 1866 where, according to records and historical pictures, a curling club played on the frozen lake at Albany’s Washington Park until it disbanded in … Read more

How To Find Fun Hikes In The Capital Region


Finding a hiking trail in the Capital Region can be as simple as stepping into your back yard.  In fact, one of the reasons we chose our family home is that the wooded backyard abuts the forest trails under the power lines.  We got full-time luxury camping accommodations AND easy access to miles of hiking trails.

While the back trails are handy, I’m an explorer at heart.  I love to discover new places, especially those that are off the beaten path.  I don’t know if I’ll ever earn the right to be labeled an Adirondack Forty-Sixer, but over the years that we’ve lived in the Capital Region, my family has huffed and puffed its way through a lot of area trails. Along the way, we’ve picked up a few resources for finding hiking trails that appeal to kids.

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Ice Skating In The Capital Region: Indoors, Outdoors & Year-Round

ice_skating At the beginning of the winter, I vowed that this would be the year that I would try out all the Capital Region ice rinks in search of the most spectacular settings and the smoothest ice.  Little did I know just how many ice rinks there are in this area.  Not only do we have many ice arenas, there are innumerable skating areas cleared out on area lakes and even homemade backyard ice rinks.

Now that it’s spring, it’s obvious that I won’t achieve my goal this year.  Somehow, this makes skating on every ice rink in New York an even more appealing goal.

I’ve put together a list of ice rinks in the Capital Region, a checklist if you will, that I’m using to keep track of my progress.  Many of these ice rinks are getting ready to close for the season, and the outdoor rinks will soon melt away.  That’s alright.  I’m more than ready to shed winter grays for spring blooms.  But, never fear, I can still progress on my self-appointed challenge during the summer as a few area ice rinks are open year-round.

Read on for a complete list of ice rinks, ice arenas, skating clubs, and other resources for Capital Region ice skating enthusiasts.

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Cross Country Ski New York – Nordic Centers Get The Kids Skiing Without Breaking The Bank

Now that snow has returned to the Capital Region, beat the winter blahs with outdoor adventures.  Current spring skiing conditions, with area trails layered in deep powder and temperatures hovering at the freezing point, are ideal for introducing kids to Nordic skiing. Like Alpine skiing, cross country skiing is a risky sport where experienced skiers … Read more