A Gastronomical Romance In Quebec City

Raspberry Martini at Il Teatro Restaurant

Early in our courtship, my husband-to-be and I celebrated romantic milestones at resorts best known for heart-shaped beds and bubbling Jacuzzis. Those were the days of champagne and roses, and our idea of sumptuous luxury was the Mount Airy Lodge where ”All you need to bring is your love for everything.” Fast forward a quarter-century, … Read more

When We Saved Coney Island

The last time we went to Coney Island was almost the last. The following article was published in the summer of 2008 when plans were afoot to dismantle the beloved New York City institution in favor of gentrification. I was there with my family, by chance, headed to the airport to pick up a friend. … Read more

Making sushi with the girls

Caroline Barrett Homemade Sushi

We love to go out for sushi. Sushi restaurants please everyone in our family, vegetarians, fussy eaters and grown-ups alike. Paul and I order sake, usually a tempura appetizer and roll or two to share. Lucy, being the resident vegetarian, orders an avocado roll. Zoe, she’s predictable and loves her California roll. Elliot isn’t a … Read more