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Free Range Kids On The Less Traveled Trail

Seduced by tales of free range kids, we let our kids hike the Frankenstein Cliff Trail in New Hampshire on their own. Mind you, we let our ten-year-old go off with the same mature teen who forgot to pack her hiking boots for a backpacking expedition.  Despite her forgetfulness, we had good reason for our […] Read more

The Packing List: Friend or Foe?

After a tense school year, abounding in tests that determine our eldest’s future, the entire family is wound up so tight that our fight or flight response is on full alert. Before taking flight, we had just one more chore, but it was a doosie. We had one day to pack for a hut to […] Read more

Plan B: Indoor Excitement At The Fun Spot

Pouring rain killed our plans to return to the Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course for another go at the ziplines.  A few diehards were going the course anyway, but the combination of cold and wet rain dampened our enthusiasm. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!) Instead, we headed to the indoor Fun Spot, in the nearby Lake […] Read more

Non-Lame Things To Do With Teens In The Capital Region

It’s not easy finding fun things to do with teens, and eliciting genuine enthusiasm often seems like an impossible dream.  As if it wasn’t hard enough to persuade one child, you usually have to convince at least two since most teenagers don’t want to go anywhere without a friend. Sure, you can get them to […] Read more

Discover New York with Kids

In a state as big as New York, it could take a lifetime to explore it all. From the global capital of New York City to the tranquility of an Adirondack lake, families can find find a wide variety of adventure sto suit budgets, interests, and temperaments. Here we have collected some of our best […] Read more

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