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Backpacking with Kids in Yellowstone National Park

How many times have I heard,“I’ll wait until the kids are older to travel?” Many parents limit their choice of destination, or travel altogether, fearing that it might be too difficult. In a recent CNN Go post, Elaine Ee lists 5 family travel rules that she claims will “make everyone’s travel experience — particularly yours […] Read more

Is Travel In Our DNA? Pilgrimage to Luján, Argentina

Is it possible that the travel bug is passed down through an aberration in the genetic code? Nature, nurture, I never had a chance. I became a traveler before I could walk. As the child of displaced persons – my mother never renounced her Argentine citizenship although my father traces his American ancestry to the […] Read more

Vignettes in a History of Family Travel

On this, the official second birthday of Albany Kid, I’m launching a new family travel series – Vignettes in a History of Family Travel. For the past couple of years, a friend’s comment has been burrowing under my skin, a splinter that resisted pulling, until late last year. A group of homeschool moms and I […] Read more

Chevy Suburban, Goodbye My Golden Steed

Sitting at the wheel of my Chevy Suburban, I was invincible. No road too intimidating, no adventure too extreme. The golden Suburban carried us across the country and back, into the wild, and on to the top of the highest peaks. We’ve looked out on buffaloes and grizzlies, sand dunes and glaciers. She never strained, […] Read more

Caribbean Carnival on the Fourth of July

Virgin Islanders celebrate Independence Day with an exuberance that might seem decadent in more puritanical parts of the country. The St. John Carnival festivities go on all month – musical events, village fair – culminating with a parade and fireworks on the 4th of July. It’s a big celebration befitting not just the country’s independence, […] Read more

My Virgin Islands Home

It’s a lifetime since I could stay in my childhood home in the Virgin Islands. After Hurricane Marilyn finished in 1995 what Hurricane Hugo started in 1989, all that was left was the bones of a great house and a huge mess. My parents moved to Puerto Rico to start a new life on a […] Read more

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