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Lessons Learned at Mesa Verde National Park

A glass of wine, dusk on a serpentine road, and no barrier between said road and annihilation don’t mix. That’s one of those lessons learned when exploring America’s grand national park system. The year was 2009, and I was a mom on a mission, traveling with two tweens–barely 13-year-old Kayla and 9-year-old Alex–on a journey […] Read more

Albany As a State of Mind

Ask a New Yorker, and he’ll tell you that Albany is the state capital, a city of immigrants best known for its pubs and politics. Head west, and you might get a different answer. Nearly half the states that make up the USA lay claim to a place they call “Albany,” and more are found […] Read more

The Opening of The Hobbit – Reflections on My Unexpected Journey Through New Zealand

The long awaited The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey movie, the first in the trilogy opens tomorrow in theaters.  With all of the buzz around this latest masterpiece by Peter Jackson I’ve been thinking  back to my nearly six week journey to New Zealand in 2000.  At that time New Zealand was already roaring with all […] Read more

Travel Inspires Change – An Inspirational Speech

One of my proudest parenting moments took place this week. My daughter stood in front of the entire Emma Willard School student body, and a record-breaking group of prospective families gathered for the annual Open House, to give an inspirational speech about how travel inspires change.  Here is the speech in its entirety, along with […] Read more

Why travel to India and Nepal?

The first time I traveled to India and Nepal I almost broke up with the father of my children. It was 1990, and we had been dating for nearly a year when Dave  went to India for a month-long rotation during his fourth year of medical school. The plan was that I would join him […] Read more

A Long Strange Trip Starts with the Grateful Dead in Cleveland

It’s only fitting that our latest American road trip begins with the Grateful Dead. The first time that I attempted to cross the United States with my children, I left my husband at home in early June, 2009 while I single-handedly drove my beloved Suburban on a two-month circuit of America’s children’s book settings. On […] Read more

Surprising History: Lake Champlain Bridge

History is a funny thing. Start anywhere, anytime, and start researching. Sooner or later facts and people start popping up that you might have thought had nothing to do with the original subject, but yet there they are. And that’s when History really comes alive. Since 1929 a bridge has spanned the lower end of […] Read more

9/11 Memorial – Remembering.

The 9/11 Memorial opened to the public on September 12, 2011. These photos were captured as the memorial was under construction, and on September 20, 2011 when families came to mourn and remember. Plan a visit: The online reservations system is the most efficient and expeditious way to book a 9/11 Memorial visitor pass. However, if […] Read more

Travel Egypt: I am Worth a Million Camels

Hubby and I recently took a trip to Egypt, one we’d been planning for some time and a place both of us had wanted to visit since childhood. Of all the places we’ve visited around the world, Egypt is one of my favorites and continues to influence me in various aspects of my life, including […] Read more

Family Travel Inspiration

Our mission, here on Albany Kid Family Travel, is to inspire lifelong learners to travel. But what inspired us to travel in the first place? EasyJet Holidays is seeking an answer in an Inspiration Initiative meme contest which asks bloggers to share the Who, What, When and Where motivating their travels. I’m going to take […] Read more

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