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Lessons Learned at Mesa Verde National Park

A glass of wine, dusk on a serpentine road, and no barrier between said road and annihilation don’t mix. That’s one of those lessons learned when exploring America’s grand national park system. The year was 2009, and I was a mom on a mission, traveling with two tweens–barely 13-year-old Kayla and 9-year-old Alex–on a journey […] Read more

Discover the Old West at the Fort Worth Stockyards (and Other Cowboy Attractions)

The dream of the American West fires the imagination today, as much as it ever has. Even as a little girl growing up in Argentina, where I spoke little or no English, many an afternoon was spent in a fringed suede cowgirl outfit calling out, “Hi-yo, Silver! Away! Today, four million visitors travel to Fort Worth each […] Read more

Albany As a State of Mind

Ask a New Yorker, and he’ll tell you that Albany is the state capital, a city of immigrants best known for its pubs and politics. Head west, and you might get a different answer. Nearly half the states that make up the USA lay claim to a place they call “Albany,” and more are found […] Read more

Pearl River Mart – NYC Shopping At Its Quirkiest

We don’t always shop in SoHo, one of New York City’s most hip and swanky neighborhoods, but when we do, we make sure to stop by Pearl River Mart. Pearl River Mart is not what you’d call upscale, but for pure quirky imported goodness, it has no rival. Pearl River Mart has a wide variety […] Read more

8 Reasons Why Utah Just Might Be the Most Underrated US State

My husband Jacob and I, as permanent tourists who live outside of the States , meet a lot of travelers from other countries. As you might imagine, these folks have dreams of visiting the States, and I like to ask them where they plan on visiting. New York City, Las Vegas, and California are typically […] Read more

10 Best British E-Bike Breaks

Whether it’s the rugged Cornish coastline, mystical moors, winding lanes around picturesque lakes, or breathtaking views at the top of dramatic peaks, Britain has got it all – as long as you have got the legs and lungs to see it! But a great deal of its stunning scenery is simply not accessible to the […] Read more

The Opening of The Hobbit – Reflections on My Unexpected Journey Through New Zealand

The long awaited The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey movie, the first in the trilogy opens tomorrow in theaters.  With all of the buzz around this latest masterpiece by Peter Jackson I’ve been thinking  back to my nearly six week journey to New Zealand in 2000.  At that time New Zealand was already roaring with all […] Read more

Seahorse Sailing and Snorkeling In The Bahamas

Even though one could easily spend the entirety of a weeklong cruise exploring all that Royal Caribbean has to offer aboard the Oasis of the Seas, it would be a shame to miss out on the shore excursions. The Eastern Caribbean itinerary includes stops in the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten that are long […] Read more

Sailing Away On the Oasis of the Seas (Photo Essay)

Growing up in the Virgin Islands, I’ve seen many cruise ships come and go. In the heyday of Caribbean tourism, it wasn’t unusual for St. Thomas to host up to fourteen cruise ships and I could see them all from my perch atop Crown Mountain. I saw some of the world’s most magnificent cruise ships, and even […] Read more

Get to Know Texas at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden

One of the best ways to get to know a place is through its plants. For families with young children, botanical gardens are a win win attraction. They are a feast for the senses, great for working off excess energy, and a wonderful way to help kids connect with nature. The Fort Worth Botanic Garden […] Read more

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