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Plimoth Plantation – A Historical Day Trip from Boston to Plymouth MA

There are a few places in the USA that every child should see, if possible, before they turn eighteen. Williamsburg, Boston’s Freedom Trail, Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, and of course, Plymouth top the list. In Plymouth, MA, they’ll see the legendary Plymouth Rock, climb aboard a Mayflower ship, and travel back a few hundred years at Plimoth […] Read more

The Real Pirates of the Caribbean: Hunting for Treasure in the Virgin Islands

You never know when you might find a doubloon or two along a sandy shore or deep within a vine-covered cave in the Virgin Islands. The real-life Pirates of the Caribbean once made their home on these tropical islands, and who knows where you might unearth leftover loot. St. Thomas, one of a group of […] Read more

Best Bets for a US Virgin Islands Family Vacation

Dreaming of a getaway to a Caribbean island? Make it happen with a US Virgin Islands family vacation. These islands are just a short flight from the East Coast, and because they are US territories, no passports are required. Here are recent publications of my best tips and recommendations: Great Spots to Get Back to […] Read more

Review: The Family Traveler’s Handbook

One of the aspects of being a travel writer that I enjoy the most is the community of  people who don’t just love to travel…they revel in the experience. This week I’m delighted to share a new book from one of my favorite travel writers, Mara Gorman–aka The Mother of All Trips–who is raising the […] Read more

The Secret of Smart Kids and Great Families

What if there was a way to guarantee that your children would love to learn? Ensuring top grades in school and higher income prospects after graduation? And what if all this could be yours along with a happier, stronger family? Studies now show that the secret to all these wonderful outcomes lies in the travel […] Read more

Review: The Travel Mamas Guide

A week into our Lincoln Highway road trip, I was struck by two comments. One of our Philadelphia hosts complimented 13-year-old Alex on being such a good traveler; later, I heard my son telling a friend that he was having a good time traveling with his mom. Somehow, I had done something right, but it […] Read more

New York City Photos from the Circle Line

I’m not sure if they still do this, but Columbia College used to take the entire Freshman class on a Circle Line cruise of Manhattan during Orientation. Then, as now, the three-hour sightseeing cruise is the best way to get a full view of the New York City skyline, and to begin to get an […] Read more

Waterfalls on the Indian Ladder Trail

There’s one good thing about rainy days–waterfalls. New York has many waterfalls, including the spectacular ones found at Niagara Falls. But in New York’s Capital Region, we’re lucky to have the impressive waterfalls of the historic Indian Ladder Trail in Thatcher Park. What a scenic overlook! On a clear day you can see Vermont’s Green […] Read more

Biltmore Photo Tour

Touring Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, New York, I was surprised to hear that it was built by one of the more frugal of William Vanderbilt’s eight sons. That assertion becomes a lot more clear if you happen to visit the house his youngest son built in Asheville, North Carolina–Biltmore, the largest home in the […] Read more

Scientific Ireland at Birr Castle Demense

When families vacation in Ireland they often stick to the coastal regions or Dublin for the history, scenery and liveliness of the area.  Few who visit Ireland realize that some of the most important discoveries in our galaxy were made from the grounds of Birr Castle in County Offaly. Science at Birr Castle Demense Birr […] Read more

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